• Order Guide

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    1.Fast Delivery

    Efficiency of Production is increased sales,purchaser,designer and product department's solidarity and cooperat-ion. Also first-Class production line ensures no pressure. We confirm on time delivery to customers.

    2.Excellent Quality

    We mainly use Toshiba's original authentic full capacity chip, not the upgraded and expansive ones, so we can guarantee to have the highest quality at the same price level. This allows us to maintain the quality for long period, stable function,and other leading edge.Our factory never do upgrades or expansions with a low capacity for high-volume products to deceive customers, We use only genuine original brand new authentic full capacity chips, so our company enjoyed a good reputation in the market, cause our products quality guaranteed.

    3.Good Service

    We are able to provide the highest quality, fastest and most comprehensive service. Impeccable service system. allows us the fastest speed at your service.

  • What is a Flash Drive?
  • A Flash Drive uses flash memory to function as a portable hard drive, allowing you to store and transport any kind of computer file on a very small device. They can hold incredibly large amounts of data and are small enough -- about the size of a pack of gum -- to slip easily into your pocket, on your key chain, or around your neck on a lanyard.
  • How do I use a Flash Drive?
  • Using a flash drive to store files is just as easy as using an old floppy disk and even simpler than burning a CD or DVD. Just plug yourFlash Driveinto a USB port on your computer and drag the files you want to take with you into the folder that appears in "My Computer" or on your desktop. Your files are quickly copied over to yourFlash Drive. To transfer the items on your USB flash drive onto another computer, simply plug yourFlash Driveinto the new computer, open the folder that appears on your screen, and drag the desired files onto a folder on the destination computer.
  • Will my Flash Drive work with any computer?
  • Flash Drives are based on the USB standard and operate with all PCs (Macs too!) and devices with a USB port and running Windows ME or later (USB drivers are also available for Windows 98, Windows 98 SE and Windows NT) or Mac OS 8.6 or later. Virtually every personal computer manufactured in the past 10 years is equipped with USB ports, and nowadays it is common to find systems with as many as eight separate USB ports.
  • How much data can a Flash Drive hold?
  • Flash Drives are currently available with up to 64GB in storage capacity and are available in a variety of storage sizes for different needs. For reference, a2GB Flash Drivecan hold about 250 songs in MP3 format while a 64MB drive would be more than adequate for transporting a large collection of WordT and ExcelT files.
  • How much do Flash Drives cost?
  • Prices are based on the capacity of the Flash Drives you order, the amount of Flash Drives you order, and the method and amount of colors your logo imprint will use. Services such as graphic design, pre-loading/auto-run, and customized packaging will incur additional costs. Please contact us or fill out our online quote form today.
  • What is an artwork?
  • An artwork is an electronic document (usually in pdf format) that we can supply to illustrate how your logo/details would look when branded on a given product.

    We offer artwork as a free service and aim to get them to you by email within 1 day of receiving your logo or artwork during business hours (Mon-Fri 8:30am to 5:30pm). If you are satisfied with the artwork that we present, please confirm it to our sales person along with order details. It is also important to check all the information in the artwork, below is the suggested checklist for your reference:

    1. Spelling of any text, website address etc
    2. Orientation of logo/text
    3. Size and positioning of logo/text
    4. Pantone® color refs (if applicable)
    5. Abnormalities in the logo appearance
    6. Check your company brand guidelines

    Once you confirm the artwork, we will continue sample production. Before mass production, we will send you real sample picture for you to confirm with the artwork. To request artwork, please send email to sales01@jmdeast.com.

  • What is the best file format for my logo file?
  • The most suitable filetype depends on the branding technique used on the product. Please refer to the table below. If you are not sure if your logo file(s) are suitable just email them to us and we will be glad to help.

    Branding Technique
    (refer to product)
    Vector File
    (.eps, .ai, .cdr)
    Raster type file
    (.jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png, .tiff)
    Screen Printing Preferred Hi-resolution ok (low resolution not suitable)
    Photo Printing Acceptable Preferred if 300 DPI
     Often acceptable if 150 DPI
     Low resolution image not suitable
    Laser Engraving Preferred Hi-resolution ok (low resolution not suitable)

    1. Vector files:

    Worthspark accepts: .ai .cdr .eps .psd .pdf*

    Worthspark doesn't accept: .cgm, .dxf, .emf, .fh, .fla, .igs, .myv, .pbm, .psp*, .px*, .svg, .svgz, .swf, .wmf, .xar*

    These file types can also contain raster/bitmap elements which whose resolution may be unsuitable for achieving a good branding result. PDF files created from vector files must retain the editing capabilities of the program that was used to create them (e.g. Illustrator or Freehand). PDF files that contain raster elements must generally be at least 300DPI.

    Vector files must be saved in the Postscript Format and contain no Postscript errors, stray points or colors assigned inconsistently. All type that has been set must be converted to outlines (curves).

    2. What are vector files?

    They are artwork files that store information about the shapes and lines constituting the image in a mathematical format. They can be scaled easily without producing the 'stair-step' edges you will see in pixel-based (raster) images. They adapt to the resolution of any output device and are considered to be resolution independent. They are produced by programs like Adobe Illustrator®, Macromedia FreeHand® and CorelDRAW®.

    3. Raster files:

    Worthspark accepts: .bmp .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .gif, .png, .tiff, .tif

    Worthspark doesn't accept: .adrg, .adri, .agp, .art, .cin, .fpxc, .exra, .drg., .cpt, .cpi, .fpx, .jpg2, .jp2, .pbm, .pcx, .ppm, .sgi, .rgb, .rgba, .int, .inta, .bw, .tga, .xbm, .xcf, .xpm

    4. What are raster files?

    They are image files that are defined by a checkerboard pattern, similar to viewing mosaic tiles. Raster images are limited by the number of pixels and cannot be enlarged without producing noticeably jagged, 'stair-stepped' edges. They are produced by digital cameras, scanners, and can also be created by programs like Adobe PhotoShop and CorelPHOTO-PAINT (among others). Magnification of raster files can never increase their resolution.

  • What's the minimum order quantity?
  • If you wish to order USB Flash Drives or power banks branded with your Logo, the minimum order quantity is 100 units for our most popular models. Please contact us for a full price list, you will see that even for small quantity orders, our prices are very competitive!

    For other products, our minimum order quantities vary slightly depending on the requirement, so please get in touch.

    Minimum order quantities (MOQ) are listed on each individual product page. Minimums may be higher for custom products and/or colors. Orders for less than the stated minimum may be possible with a less than minimum (LTM) charge. No imprinted orders will be accepted for less than 50% of the listed MOQ. Blank product may be available at a lower MOQ, please consult your WORTHSPARK Representative as this is depend on stock.

  • What's the packing?
  • If you do not have specific requirement, we will use polybag as packing for each usb and white box for each power bank.

    However, we also provide other packing, such as gift box, crystal box, skin packing, pp box, PU pouch etc. Below is the regular packing options for your reference. If you need to customize your own packing, please contact our sales.

  • How do I place an order?
  • Send us your purchase order by email. Or contact your WORTHSPARK Representative, tell your WORTHSPARK Representative the items you need and specific requirements, your WORTHSPARK Representative will send you the quotation, and once you decide to order, a sales confirmation will be sent by email to you.
  • Do you have samples?
  • Yes! For regular items, we will keep stock. You can ask for dummy samples or real samples. The samples can be shipped by your express account, or you can pay us the freight, and we will ship via our account.
  • Where is your pricing?
  • Pricing is available by contacting a WORTHSPARK representative. Pricing is updated on a regular basis, but may change without notice.

    Each order placed will be based on current market value of flash memory as quoted at the time of your order. If memory pricing should fluctuate after your order is received, acknowledged, and approved, you will not be charged the increase or refunded if the price decreases. Your accepted PO price will not be affected. We can not offer price protection on memory products.

  • What are my Payment Options?
  • We accept T/T (bank transfer), PayPal, West Union.
  • What is the production time on item?
  • Items in stock without a custom imprint can be shipped within 2 or 3 business days; larger orders or non-stock items may require additional time. For items with a custom imprint, production time varies per item, please consult your WORTHSPARK Representative.
  • Can you load data onto my usb order?
  • Yes, we have the ability to do a data load.
  • How do I submit the data?
  • Please contact your JinMeiDa Representative, the method used will depend on the file size and complexity, the three most common methods are listed below:

    We can create a ftp link that you or your client can directly upload their data to us.

    Small files can be emailed to your JinMeiDa Representative.

    CD's, DVD's, and USB's may be mailed to us. If you need to get it back, please be sure to include instructions and a shipping account to send them back. Or it can be returned with your goods.

    DO NOT submit Zip Files

    If clients prefer, we can use a clients ftp to retrieve the data.

  • What are my options with a data load?
  • Deletable file - files can be deleted. (Single file should be less than 4GB)

    Undeletable file – files less than 2GB is acceptable. File over 2GB please contact your JinMeiDa Representative to confirm if it is workable and the delivery time.Data that utilizes logos, trademarks or registered information other than that of the owner(s), will require a written authorization and/or form of release may be needed to supplement the data download order. If copyrighted material such as, but not limited to music, video, or literature is included, written authorization and / or form of release may be required clearly indicating that JinMeiDa is and will be released from any and all copyright infringement or violation.

  • Does Data load require extra lead time?
  • Yes, and undeletable files uploading will take more time than deletable files.
  • Warranties & Returns
  • Warranty - All of our products are guaranteed against defects for 1 year.

    Consumable parts, including but not limited to, batteries & pen refills, are not covered under warranty.

    Claims procedure - If you have a claim which is incorrect with your shipment, you must contact us within 3 business days of delivery of the product.

    Return Policy - If there is a defect in the imprinting, product quality or data load, please call your JinMeiDa Representative to arrange for a return. No returns will be accepted for custom orders. Returns for blank products may be accepted (subject to a 25% restocking fee) if returned within 30 days in new condition.

    Consumable parts (i.e. batteries, pen refills, etc.) will not be considered for RMA claims.