Shenzhen Jinmeida Electronics Technology Ltd mainly run USB ,Bluetooth Headset,Powerbank, SD, TF, Digital speaker . Established in Aug.2001,it has been 15 years of history. More than 80% of the products are sold abroad, customers locate in Southeast Asia, India, the United States, Brazil, Britain, France, Russia, Arabia, South Africa and so on . company internal organizational structure is complete , staff is perfectly matched with professional business skill.With independent R&D, Design, production & processing capacity , rich experience in quality control , we enjoy good reputation in the same industry and a curtain good word of mouth in the customers .

 For decades , the company insists on Developing and exploring related business and technology in mobile storage. Currently there are nearly three hundred popular styles, the most complete variety of industries, we can meet more than 90% of customer demand ., response to customer individual needs in short period of time and meet customer action flexibly , We always believe that Customer- oriented is the only choice for the survival and development.

Today in fifteen years, the company still choose to develop and grow in industry and focused on technology exploration and business development of mobile storage industry . We hope ,basing on the strict product quality assurance, Competitive advantage on price, meeting customer demand on technology support and product service ,we could always take a place in the industry of Shenzhen and will put efforts to build it into a high-quality well-known electronics company

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